What is 4S Fitness?

4S stands for 4 cores of functional fitness. Stamina, Strength, Suppleness and speed. Functional fitness is vital to every human being to perform better in day to day activities.


StaminaStamina is ones ability to keep going for long periods of time. It enhances endurance. Physical stamina enables body to perform everyday tasks without fatigue and the increased metabolism will help reduce excess body fat and body weight.


StrengthStrength is one’s ability to exert force on any object as the muscles contract. It is essential to move the body or any heavy object and to start and maintain a movement.


SupplenessSuppleness (flexibility) is the range of movement of a limb around its joint. It enhances mobility helping one to function better as the range of movement is higher . This reduces the chances of injury.


SpeedSpeed is one’s ability to perform a motor skill as swiftly as possible. It helps to respond to the reflexes without losing balance. Better the speed better is the ability to respond to stimulus.

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