New to the world of working out in a gym? Have several questions running through your head? Don’t worry, we got them all covered.

About 4S Fitness

What do we do?

We are committed to giving you high-quality and uncompromising services towards your fitness, day in and day out. This includes training, counselling, education and consultation for fitness. We aim to create awareness among crowd about staying healthy and fit. As part of this, we have written a wide variety of articles on fitness, nutrition and workout on our blog page.

Why are we doing this?

For many, fitness means losing weight and for many others building muscles. But at 4S Fitness, it is a way of life. Our passion for fitness is what drives us every day.

Who do we cater to?

We cater to all people groups who care for their fitness whether it be a fitness enthusiast, athletes, weight watchers, people looking out for weight loss, building lean muscles to a common man looking to stay fit, from beginners to the most advanced from all age groups and genders.

General Queries

If I stop coming to the gym, will I gain a lot of weight?

Yes, when you quit the gym, your weight will increase, if you don’t maintain good healthy lifestyle by having some kind of regular exercises and balanced diet. This is because your metabolism rate is gets reduced when you stop working out and your body will start to convert the extra energy as fat.

Are there any other side-effects of quitting gym?

Yes, there are other repercussions of putting a full stop to your workouts. Your strength and stamina, immunity and heart health isn’t as strong as it was when you were exercising.

How often should I work-out?

It is recommended that you have at least half an hour of physical activity every day. According to The Department of Health and Human Services, you should be doing aerobic exercises like walking for at least 150 minutes a week. You should also take up strength training activities such as weight lifting two times a week.

When should I work out, before or after a meal?

You must eat both before and after a workout to extract the maximum benefits from your workout.  A pre-workout meal gives your body the necessary fuel which helps your muscles to perform their best.  You should have your meals 3-4 hours before working out to prevent indigestion.

A post-workout meal helps in the replenishment of energy to your body and the preservation of muscle mass.

What is the best time to work out, mornings or evenings?

Morning and evening workouts, both have its set of advantages. Studies indicate that workouts in the morning help control weight, reduce blood pressure and improve sleep pattern.

Evening workouts, on the other hand, lead to better training output and sports performance.

Can I workout when I am on my period?

Yes, you can. In fact, many reports suggest that the hormones shift in your body when you are on your period, makes fuel more accessible to your body, and thus you are able to get more out of your workout.

Can I workout during my pregnancy?

Physical activity is beneficial both for you and the baby, it will help lower the discomfort that is felt during pregnancy and will help your body prepare for labour and delivery.  However, you should avoid getting into new activities and high impact activities. Do consult your doctor to know which and what levels of exercises are safe for you.

Can I use exercise to gain weight?

Yes, a gym can help you gain weight as it will increase your muscle mass. Muscle is heavier than body fat. Lifting heavy weights is one exercise you can take up to add more muscle mass to your body.

How can one prevent injuries while working out?

The trainer will provide you safety tips and guidance to keep you safe from injuries.  Warming up before working out, wearing proper workout gear, cross training (doing different types of workout) eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water are some tips that will go a long way in preventing workout related injuries.

What clothes should I wear to the gym?

Clothes that are made of cotton or polyester are ideal for wearing to the gym. The clothes should be lightweight and stretchable. Yoga pants, track pants or shorts with t-shirts are considered the perfect attire for the gym.

What footwear is appropriate for the gym?

Running shoes are your best bet, whether you are running on the treadmill or lifting weights; they provide the necessary support and are comfortable to wear.

Do I need to take an energy drink with me when I’m working out?

It is essential to keep yourself hydrated while working out.  Water is sufficient for an average workout up to 60 minutes, but if your workout durations are longer than that and the weather outside is hot and humid, energy drinks will provide the extra calories and electrolytes which your body needs.

Are protein supplements necessary for body building?

No, protein supplements are not absolutely essential for body building. It is true that they will assist you in consistent growth, but they are not a necessity.

What are the things that I should carry in my gym bag?

Towel, gym clothes, shoes, socks, water bottle and deodorant are some essentials that you must carry with you to the gym.

Tell me more about the gym etiquette that I must follow?

Putting weights backs where they belong, not talking too much on the phone to distract others, using deodorant to keep the sweaty smell away are some gym etiquettes you should follow.


Where are we located?

We are a premium gym in Bangalore, based in HBR Layout ideally located with just 3 km away from Manyatha Tech Park, serving clients from Nagawara, HBR Layout, Hennur, Lingarajapuram, Kammanahalli, HRBR Layout, Banaswadi and Horamavu.

We are located near BDA Complex in HBR Layout. When you come from HP Petrol Bunk towards BDA Complex, we are on the left-hand side, hardly 100m from Petrol Bunk.

When are we available?

Monday-Saturday our centre is open from 5:30 am – 10:00 pm. Sunday we are open 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm. We are reachable on our office phone, email or by live website chat for answering any queries you might have. Beyond office hours, you can send us an email at info@4s-fitness.com for any information.

What are the pricing plans available?

Our standard pricing is available on our pricing page.

Do you offer any discounts?

We do have discounts available for students, senior citizens, for groups or couples joining together. To know the exact discount applicable, please walk-in to our centre.

To know current offers, you can visit our offers page.

Do you have any instalment plans?

Yes, we do have an instalment plan (Easy Payment Plan) for 3/6/12 months membership. In this scheme, you will not be eligible for any discounts. The instalment is split into 3, which is supposed to be cleared in 60 days.

For more details, please walk-in to our center to discuss on this.

What all payment method do you support?

We support cash, all types of debit/credit cards, cheque, online payment using net banking, wallets like PayTM and many more payment instruments!

Our Training and Facilities

What all facilities do you provide?

Here are some key facilities provided in our centre:

  • Clean hygienic 3500 square feet air-conditioned place and have optimum space for all kinds of workouts.
  • World-class equipment which is well maintained and serviced regularly to keep it going in the best shape. It includes all kinds of cardio, stationary, free weights and other specialised equipment for workout.
  • All membership packages include training absolutely free-of-cost!
  • Separate lockers and changing room for men and women.
  • Refreshment available to keep you going in a workout session.

Please refer the gallery page to see the photos or better walk-in to experience it!

What all are the fitness programs you provide?

We have a comprehensive package for fitness. Depending on your body, fitness goals and your current fitness level our trainers will tailor-make fitness programme for each individual. We make custom fitness program for weight loss, weight gain, athletic training, general fitness or for any other fitness requirement.

Why don’t you come in and have a talk with our trainers?

What kind of training do you provide?

Our philosophy is that “one size doesn’t fit for all”. We tailor-make fitness regime that would suit our client’s needs, body composition, body type and current fitness level. We have a combination of cardio, general fitness, weight training, flexible training, strength training, power training, free exercise and floor exercise.

Do you have Personal Training?

We do have Personal training, but we don’t encourage a new member to go for it immediately as our membership package include general training and in most cases, it would fulfil the requirement.

Once you have enrolled, you can choose the trainer with whom you want to do PT but the charges are additional to the general membership price. The pricing depends on the trainer and number of sessions taken. It starts from Rs 5000/- for 15 sessions.

Do you have Zumba or Yoga or Aerobics?

We DO NOT have a separate group class for the above at present but we do incorporate Yoga and aerobics in our workout plans.

Do you have steam?

Steam and sauna are used for rest and relaxation, not for weight loss. The increase in outside temperature does not reduce the body fat. The weight loss after the sauna is not fat loss but fluid loss due to over sweating.
Steam and Sauna can be used only for cleansing the skin and for blood circulation.

We have given priority for workout space, so our current facility doesn’t have steam for now.

We are closed temporarily due to COVID-19.