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Train Your Brain To Exercise

The brain seems to be schizophrenic at times.  One day it’s motivated to workout and the next day it doesn’t want to.  The best intentions to exercise can come undone when it’s time to actually start moving.  Perhaps the brain is not to blame and it’s actually the body being…

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Debunking Detox

We all hear the claims on T.V. and see the ads in magazines for this detox diet, or this body cleanse for detox, but what exactly is detox and which ones work, and how? Real detox is used by medical professionals to help treat those with life-threatening drug addictions.  In…

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Activities of Gratitude

Did anything good happen to you this year?  As 2015 comes to a close, it’s a perfect time to think back on the year and express gratitude.  Some people do this in the form of gift giving, or a card exchange, others as a feast around a table.  Being grateful…

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6 Tips for Self-Care

  Staying in shape and fit is something to be proud of.  To reap all the benefits from exercise, your body requires sleep.  Your muscles need time to recover in between workouts. Ideally, you sleep restfully for about eight hours per night.  This allows your body time to rest and…

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