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Feeling Fit or Looking Fit

“Everything looks good on skinny “, “If I were thinner, life would be better”, these are a couple of things we say to ourselves and often hear from others. More often than not, hitting the gym is about enhancing our looks, either by losing weight or gaining muscle.  Rarely, we…

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Exercise To Stay Happy and Positive

When talking about the benefits of exercising, we generally focus on the bodily rewards such as keeping us fit, our hearts healthy, etc.  The fact that it has a positive impact on our mental health isn’t discussed as often. Anti-depressant Drugs like morphine, heroin or nicotine make us feel good…

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Feel good after exercise

That’s the idea, right?  Many people exercise for the endorphins (feel good hormones).  It’s not always enough to just feel “good”.  Sometimes “good” is too vague to motivate you for next time.  Tapping into the deeper emotions associated with your desire to stay fit can help you find the commitment…

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