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Is Your Attitude Sabotaging Your Exercise?

You are what you eat, but also, what you think about.  A thought instantly affects your attitude, which impacts your motivation and actions.  Everybody knows a positive attitude attracts positive people.   A negative attitude can easily be described by the old saying, “misery loves company”.  If you’re complaining constantly, positive…

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Why Group Exercising Works

  Are you more likely to exercise if a friend joins you, if you attend a fitness class or meet with a personal trainer?  Most people are this way.  In psychology, this is called social support.  Humans are social creatures and thrive from community interaction.  Even introverted folks benefit from…

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Stop making these 8 excuses now!

Human beings have a tendency of doing only as much as they are required to do. Some may attribute this to laziness, while others might call this efficiency. Irrespective, the bottom line is: more often than not we try hard to minimize the energy and time spent on whatever we…

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