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5 ways to improve energy levels

Exhaustion in today’s world is more to do with mental stress. The mundane lives that most professionals follow leads to mental and physical exhaustion, to such an extent that nothing seems enticing enough. Thanks to this tiredness, physical activities have now taken a backseat. Those achy muscles and that mental…

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6 Tips for Self-Care

  Staying in shape and fit is something to be proud of.  To reap all the benefits from exercise, your body requires sleep.  Your muscles need time to recover in between workouts. Ideally, you sleep restfully for about eight hours per night.  This allows your body time to rest and…

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How to pick the right gym?

How to choose the right gym In India today, thousands have joined the fitness bandwagon. Owing to this fitness craze, gyms and health clubs are becoming an important part of the metropolitan lifestyle. Visiting the gym has almost become routine for several people. If you’re someone who has been bitten…

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