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Why Do You Want to Be Fit?

Has a child ever asked  you “why” repeatedly?  It goes like this.  They ask you a question.  When you respond, they ask, “why”.  This cycle repeats multiple times.  The curiosity of a child can be bottomless.  If you play their game, it leads you to an interesting conclusion.  It gets…

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Is Your Attitude Sabotaging Your Exercise?

You are what you eat, but also, what you think about.  A thought instantly affects your attitude, which impacts your motivation and actions.  Everybody knows a positive attitude attracts positive people.   A negative attitude can easily be described by the old saying, “misery loves company”.  If you’re complaining constantly, positive…

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Activities of Gratitude

Did anything good happen to you this year?  As 2015 comes to a close, it’s a perfect time to think back on the year and express gratitude.  Some people do this in the form of gift giving, or a card exchange, others as a feast around a table.  Being grateful…

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