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Exercise To Stay Happy and Positive

When talking about the benefits of exercising, we generally focus on the bodily rewards such as keeping us fit, our hearts healthy, etc.  The fact that it has a positive impact on our mental health isn’t discussed as often. Anti-depressant Drugs like morphine, heroin or nicotine make us feel good…

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Feel good after exercise

That’s the idea, right?  Many people exercise for the endorphins (feel good hormones).  It’s not always enough to just feel “good”.  Sometimes “good” is too vague to motivate you for next time.  Tapping into the deeper emotions associated with your desire to stay fit can help you find the commitment…

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5 Awesome Moves for Toned Triceps

Jiggly and flabby bat wings are a cause of concern for many, especially overweight women. While most fitness enthusiasts will always advocate a decrease in fat percentage to achieve a well-toned body, what can also boost your goals is proper muscle-toning exercises. The largest muscle in your arms is triceps…

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Proper Squat Form With Options

Squats are one of the most basic human movements.  Small children squat down to the floor with ease to play.  Some people can squat and touch the floor for life, while others lose the flexibility and strength to do so.  Sometimes this is due to lack of use and in…

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Quick fixes for sore muscles

A strenuous routine at times can come at a price – muscle soreness. However, this soreness should not leave you flustered because there are ways to recover from the same. Most people who love their workouts would agree that there is nothing more satisfying than a vigorous fitness routine. But the…

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Use exercise to beat stress

If you thought exercise only helped your physical health, then here’s something that will prove you wrong In today’s world, stress is a major contributor to some of the most chronic diseases. What’s appalling is that people conveniently blame stress for all their health issues and just don’t care to…

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