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Why Group Exercising Works

  Are you more likely to exercise if a friend joins you, if you attend a fitness class or meet with a personal trainer?  Most people are this way.  In psychology, this is called social support.  Humans are social creatures and thrive from community interaction.  Even introverted folks benefit from…

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5 Awesome Moves for Toned Triceps

Jiggly and flabby bat wings are a cause of concern for many, especially overweight women. While most fitness enthusiasts will always advocate a decrease in fat percentage to achieve a well-toned body, what can also boost your goals is proper muscle-toning exercises. The largest muscle in your arms is triceps…

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Proper Squat Form With Options

Squats are one of the most basic human movements.  Small children squat down to the floor with ease to play.  Some people can squat and touch the floor for life, while others lose the flexibility and strength to do so.  Sometimes this is due to lack of use and in…

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5 Exercises to tone Buttocks and Thighs

For those people who’ve only dreamt of having toned buttocks and thighs, believe it or not just a few exercises can make your dreams come true. With a little will power, regular cardio workouts and a few simple exercises that you can do either at home or your gym, you…

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