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7 Health and Fitness Upgrades

Fitness requires an investment if what you want is a big pay-off.  Consistent investment.  The investment could be mental or emotional.  Sometimes it’s money.  But, it doesn’t have to break the bank.  Small purchases can be just the trigger you need to stay on task… In order from least amount…

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Feel good after exercise

That’s the idea, right?  Many people exercise for the endorphins (feel good hormones).  It’s not always enough to just feel “good”.  Sometimes “good” is too vague to motivate you for next time.  Tapping into the deeper emotions associated with your desire to stay fit can help you find the commitment…

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Why Do You Want to Be Fit?

Has a child ever asked  you “why” repeatedly?  It goes like this.  They ask you a question.  When you respond, they ask, “why”.  This cycle repeats multiple times.  The curiosity of a child can be bottomless.  If you play their game, it leads you to an interesting conclusion.  It gets…

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Is Your Attitude Sabotaging Your Exercise?

You are what you eat, but also, what you think about.  A thought instantly affects your attitude, which impacts your motivation and actions.  Everybody knows a positive attitude attracts positive people.   A negative attitude can easily be described by the old saying, “misery loves company”.  If you’re complaining constantly, positive…

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Train Your Brain To Exercise

The brain seems to be schizophrenic at times.  One day it’s motivated to workout and the next day it doesn’t want to.  The best intentions to exercise can come undone when it’s time to actually start moving.  Perhaps the brain is not to blame and it’s actually the body being…

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