About Us

4S Fitness is a comprehensive unisex fitness center. We are a social enterprise which aims to create a group of individuals having a passion for fitness.We strive to create a support system and accountability where the motivation for staying fit never dies. We are committed to creating the much-needed awareness regarding the abuse caused to the body due to the prevalent lifestyles of this day. We aim to see people from sedentary lifestyles transform into active and vibrant individuals having the power to make right healthy choices.

Functional fitness is core to 4S Fitness. What more beneficial than training the body to combat and handle real life situations efficiently and with ease? Having the right kind of body void of functional fitness is futile.

At 4S Fitness, our in-house,experienced trainers carefully tailor make the right plan for each member focusing on a balanced training of the 4Ss.
The 4S Fitness culture is all about quality, results, and passion far exceeding our members’ expectations.We are dedicated to continually improving our fitness centre and ensuring that our programs and services provide excitement and motivation to inspire our members to make positive changes in their lives. Our mission is to be the leading fitness promoter in terms of creating awareness about functional fitness and working alongside you to help you achieve it.

Being healthy is a big part of life and you wouldn’t want to incur huge expenditure on account of poor health. It has always been our endeavour at 4S Fitness to keep our community healthy. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

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