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5 ways to improve energy levels

Exhaustion in today’s world is more to do with mental stress. The mundane lives that most professionals follow leads to mental and physical exhaustion, to such an extent that nothing seems enticing enough. Thanks to this tiredness, physical activities have now taken a backseat. Those achy muscles and that mental…

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Four Easy Posture Fixes

Posture is an important piece of the health and fitness puzzle.  Good posture takes pressure off your spinal cord, elevates your chest and ribs for better breathing and improves your appearance of confidence.  Next time you’re giving a presentation for work, asking for a raise, wanting to look attractive or…

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How to pick the right running shoes

In today’s world running has become more of a fad. If you’re someone inspired to take up running as hobby or as a fitness option then it’s extremely important you pick the right kind of running shoes Picking the right running shoes is not as easy as just walking into…

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Quick fixes for sore muscles

A strenuous routine at times can come at a price – muscle soreness. However, this soreness should not leave you flustered because there are ways to recover from the same. Most people who love their workouts would agree that there is nothing more satisfying than a vigorous fitness routine. But the…

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