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7 Common Mistakes People Make on Treadmill

Recently, Facebook COO Sheryl Sanberg’s husband Dave Goldberg fell off a treadmill and died after suffering a severe head trauma. While the silicon valleys of the world felt the shockwave of the SurveyMonkey CEO’s death, the world of health and fitness experts debated over the right usage of treadmills for…

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Before you work your Abs

Everybody wants to tone their abdominal muscles (abs).  Strengthening the abs is important and has many benefits.  Having a strong core provides better low back support, enhances sport performance, makes daily activities of living easier and even increases attractiveness.  Whether your reasons for ab exercises are functional or aesthetic, there…

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The Hottest Fitness Trends of 2015

If you have been participating in a 3-person fitness class or wearing a high-tech heart rate monitor, you are following one of the hottest fitness trends this year. 2015 began as one of the most fitness-focused years of the past decade, and has been dubbed the beginning of the integration…

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